How to Build a Website that Drives Revenue

How to Build a Website that Drives Revenue
January 12, 2023

Like most business owners, you probably have set revenue milestones you’d like to hit over the next 12 months. Setting revenue goals is great — but it’s important to put together the tools and resources you’ll need to help achieve them.

Success starts with your website.

Many companies build a website and never touch it again. Others still haven’t gotten around to building it all. The rest often fall somewhere in between these two extremes, with a site that’s outdated or doesn’t include current offerings.

If that sounds like you, this is your year to get your website updated, optimized, and actually doing its job — generating leads for your business.

How To Build a Website That Helps You Hit Revenue Goals

Whether you are starting from scratch or simply need to refresh your existing site, it’s important to go into both the planning and design process armed with a few simple tips.


During the planning stage, think about:

Customer Questions

Your website should answer as many customer questions as possible to keep them moving forward in the sales funnel. When designing your site, consider:

  • What questions do your potential customers have about your products or services?
  • What questions do prospects have about your process?
  • What questions do consumers have about their own part of the process?

Answering their questions on your website will give users more confidence in your business and increase the likelihood they will buy from you.

Problems (Theirs) & Solutions (Yours)

When developing your site, it’s important to address what problems your targeted audience has and how your business solves those problems. It’s not enough to talk about your products — it’s critical to illustrate why your consumers need them.

Competitive Advantage

Most importantly, your website should drive home why a prospect should buy from your company rather than your competitor. It’s okay to boast about the superiority of your products and services in a way that makes their benefits crystal clear to the user.

Call-To-Action (CTA)

If users only took one action from you, what do you want it to be? Schedule a call? Buy a product? Download an eBook? Subscribe? Your call to action should be specific and direct users to next steps.

Page Goals

Each page on your site should have a clearly defined goal. When planning, outline if the goal of a page is to compel a click to the next step in the process — or a click to a sale.

During the design and usability stage, think about:


Your colors, fonts, and overall style should visually represent your brand. Your site aesthetics should also instantly strike a mood with users. Are you looking for a clean and simple vibe? Is your brand best represented with bold and colorful imagery? Your website should look like your company and reflect the same style and feel of your other marketing.


Statistics show that, as of November 2022, 60.28% of all web traffic came through mobile phones. Stats like this drive home that having a responsive, mobile-ready website is a must.

Maintenance (The How — and The Who)

Are you able to update your site easily and regularly? Are updates something someone on your team can manage? If the answer to these questions is “no,” you’ll want to designate an outside provider that can help with maintenance and updates at least once a month.


Your website should have an active SSL certificate installed. Even if you aren’t selling products or services from the site, Google likes (almost requires) websites to be secured.


Data capture can play a significant role in helping you hit your revenue goals. Always include analytics and SEO tools in your site so you can track and analyze what’s working — and what needs work.

Ready to build your site?

Green Tulip Design specializes in responsive, mobile-ready websites that inform, compel, and convert users. If you need help leveling up your website to get it to produce leads or sales, get in touch with us today. We’d love to help you reach your 2023 goals!

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