Using Website Analytics to Refine Your Marketing Efforts

Using Website Analytics to Refine Your Marketing Efforts
March 11, 2023

Website analytics can play a pivotal role in any digital marketing strategy. Analytics don’t directly impact the results of an online campaign. However, carefully monitoring analytics provides invaluable information on how to refine and adjust your efforts for optimal success. 

As with any marketing tool — consistency is key. You’ll want to review your analytics regularly (about once a month) to gauge any significant changes, keep an eye on how everything is working, and look for opportunities for improvement.

Here are three website analytics you’ll want to focus on when gathering data about your site’s performance.

1. Traffic Source

Traffic source provides insight into how people are finding your site online. Users can filter in from various places, making it critical to know where you’re getting the biggest return on your time and/or money investment. Some potential sources include:

  • Direct link
  • Organic search
  • Social media platforms
  • Referral links from other sites
  • Paid ads

If certain sources produce higher traffic volume, you may want to lean into channels with additional efforts. Also, if you identify that a source, like organic search, is lower than you’d like, you may decide to put extra focus on increasing traffic there instead.

2. Engagement

You always want to look at site engagement when assessing your analytics. Engagement data helps you to understand if your site showcases the right information for users and directs them to their next step. If a popular page has low engagement, the page may not have the content the users are expecting.

3. Conversions

Conversions are another significant indicator of your site’s overall performance. Conversions can include forms filled out by users, video plays, product sales, and a wide range of other options. Your total number of monthly conversions will help you understand how many of your website visitors actually make it to the final destination — and where they are coming from.

Google Search Console Provides Powerful SEO Analytics

One of the most powerful tools for SEO analytics is Google Search Console. The platform takes a deep dive into the data of your site, providing information on organic searches and the performance of your site’s keywords.

When using Google Search Console to review your site analytics, it’s critical to know that if you see a keyword with a high impression count, but a low click count, it might be a good keyword to focus on or include throughout a site page. Additionally, if you see a keyword with a high value to your business, but you’d like to rank higher for, it might be a good idea to publish a blog post on your website using those phrases as focus keywords.

Green Tulip Can Help You Get The Most out of Your Site’s Analytics

Schedule a call with Green Tulip today to learn more about getting analytics installed on your site and how to optimize data analyzation — we’d love to help you!

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